Clinic Bibliography

The University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law specializes in legal clinical education. The UDC Law Review maintains a Clinic Bibliography of academic works related to legal clinical education. To search the Clinic Bibliography, simply download the pdf file below.

The Clinic Bibliography has works on the following topics and their impact on legal clinical education:

I. Clinical Legal Education
A. History
B. Clinical Methodology & Pedagogy
C. Critique of Clinical Legal Education
D. Clinical Integration
E. Political Interference
F. Non-U.S. Clinical Programs
G. Future of Clinical Education

II. Clinical Teaching
A. Clinic Design
B. Clinic Administration
C. Seminar Design
D. Supervision
E. Assessment & Evaluation/Grading
F. Externships/Internships
G. Simulation

III. Theoretical Backdrop of Clinical Legal Education
A. Cognitive Theory
B. Feminist Theory
C. Lawyering Theory & Practice

IV. Reflections and Critique of Scholarship
A. Reflections on Clinical Teaching
B. Student Experiences
C. Critique of Scholarship

V. Lawyering Skills
A. Skills
B. Interviewing
C. Counseling
D. Trial Advocacy
E. Mediation
F. Negotiation
G. Problem Solving
H. Collaboration Among Professionals
I. MacCrate Report

VI. Professional Responsibility
A. Ethics/Professional Responsibility/Professionalism
B. Lawyer-Client Relationship
C. Values

VII. Difference/Diversity

VIII. Poverty Law/Political Context of Clinical Legal Education
A. Poverty Law
B. Pro Bono Publico
C. Critical Lawyering
D. Public Interest Lawyering
E. Social Justice
F. Community Law Practice
G. Community Education

IX. Book Reviews

X. In Memoriam

Download Clinic Bibliography here.