UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 18, Number 2 (Spring 2015)

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Developments in D.C. Law

Civil Protection Orders: Increased Access and Narrowed Enforcement
Courtney Cross (p. 191)

Developments in Family Law in the District Of Columbia: Three Significant Legislative Changes for Child Support
Meridel Bulle-Vu, Tianna Gibbs & Ashley McDowell (p. 201)


The Continuing Work of the Bellow Scholars
Jeanne Charn (p. 210)

Reversing the School-To-Prison Pipeline: Initial Findings from the District Of Columbia on the Efficacy of Training and Mobilizing Court-Appointed Lawyers to Use Special Education Advocacy on Behalf of At-Risk Youth
Kylie A. Schofield & Joseph B. Tulman (p. 215)

Are There Too Many Due Process Cases? An Examination of Jurisdictions with Relatively High Rates of Special Education Hearings
Andrew A. Feinstein, Michele Kule-Korgood & Joseph B. Tulman (p. 249)

Lessons Unlearned: The Effects of Statutory Ambiguity and the Interpretative Uncertainty it Injects in the Courts
Carolyn Singh (p. 278)


Protecting Sacred Ground: The San Manuel Ruling and Implications for Indian Cultural Resource Preservation
Gray O’Dwyer (p. 302)

The Struggle to Rise Above the Shadows Before Sunset: A Critical Discussion on the Need to Lift the Expiration and Renewal Requirements of DACA and DAPA
Anna Oguntimein (p. 334)