D.C. L. Rev. Volume 2, Number 1 (Spring 1993)

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Tribute to Joseph L. Rauh, Jr. 1911-1992
William L. Robinson (p. 1)

Current Housing Law in the District of Columbia


Combatting Unnecessary Family Separation: How to Seek Court-Ordered Housing for Families in the District of Columbia Neglect System
Justine A. Dunlap & Kenneth Zimmerman (p. 25)

The District of Columbia’s Response to Homelessness: Depending on the Kindness of Strangers
Lois G. Williams, Shelley R. Jackson, Frank R. Trinity & Susan Schorr (p. 47)

The Rental Housing Conversion and Sale Act: A Practitioner’s Roadmap to Tenant Ownership
Richard C. Eisen (p. 91)

Tenant’s Rights and the District of Columbia Master Meter Act: A Violation of Due Process
Sally Frank (p. 113)


Federal Advisory Committees, Foreign Conflicts of Interest, the Constitution, and Dr. Franklin’s Snuff Box
Gerald S. Schatz (p. 141)

Book Review

There Are No Children Here: The Story of Two Boys Growing Up in the Other America by Alex Kotlowitz
Edward Robinson-El (p. 173)