D.C. L. Rev. Volume 3, Number 2 (Fall 1995)

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Juvenile Detention Symposium

I. Introduction
(p. ix)

II. Discrete Legal Issues that Affect the Detention Rate

Pre-Initial Hearing Detention: Are the Police Department and Social Services Intake Following the Law?
Henry A. Escoto (p. 193)

Clear and Convincing Evidence: The Standard Required to Support Pretrial Detention of Juveniles Pursuant to D.C. Code Section 16-2310
Julia Colton-Bell & Robert J. Levant (p. 213)

Substituting Secure Detention for Shelter Care: An Illegal Deprivation of Liberty
Susan M. Johlie (p. 223)

III. Critiques of the Law and Practice Affecting Juvenile Detention in the District of Columbia

The Role of the Probation Officer in Intake: Stories from Before, During, and After the Delinquency Initial Hearing
Joseph B. Tulman (p. 235)

Juvenile Detention Law in the District of Columbia: A Practitioner’s Guide
Milton “Tony” Lee, John Copacino & Paul Holland (p. 281)

Children with Disabilities in Detention: Legal Strategies to Secure Release
Mary G. Hynes (p. 299)

The Right of Children in the Juvenile Justice System to Inclusion in the Federally Mandated Child Welfare Services System
Jeanne Asherman-Jusino (p. 311)

IV. Characteristics of Children Substituted or Confused Unjustly with Dangerousness and Risk of Nonappearance

Race and National Origin as Influential Factors in Juvenile Detention
Arthur L. Burnett, Sr. (p. 355)

Juvenile Detention to “Protect” Children from Neglect
Margaret Beyer (p. 373)

Understanding the Overrepresentation of Youths with Disabilities in Juvenile Detention
Peter E. Leone, Barbara A. Zaremba, Michelle S. Chapin & Curt Iseli (p. 389)

V. Systemic Critique and Transformation

Systemic Critique and Transformation
Edward J. Loughran, Donna Wulkan & Jerome G. Miller (p. 403)

VI. Reactions and Solutions

Reactions and Solutions
Sheryl Brissett-Chapman, Joyce Burrell & George W. Mitchell (p. 425)

VII. Appendices

Appendix A: Participants
(p. 441)

Appendix B: February-March, 1995 Court Monitoring Report
(p. 447)

Appendix C: Juvenile Detention Statute and Rule
(p. 459)

Appendix D: Key Juvenile Detention Attributes by State
(p. 463)