UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 2007)

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Social Justice in the 21st Century


Affirmative Action and Land-Grant Universities in the Millennium: When Will We Fulfill the Original Promise
Christine L. Jones (p. 1)


A Strike at the Heart of Democracy: Why Legal Challenges to Felon Disenfranchisement Laws Should Succeed
Alysia Robben (p. 15)

Symposium on Strategies to End Poverty and Inequality


The Future of Civil Legal Aid: A National Perspective
Alan W. Houseman (p. 35)

Love You Madly: The Life and Times of the Neighborhood Legal Services Program of Washington, D.C.
Brian Gilmore (p. 69)


Keynote Address
Tom Perez (p. 127)

Economic Justice: Thoughts on a Transformative Vision for Economic and Social Equality
Emma Coleman Jordan (p. 137)

Transformative Visions Group
Edgar Cahn & Florence Wagman Roisman (p. 145)

Strategies for Ending Poverty and Inequality Group
Barbara Arnwine & Jo-Ann Wallace (p. 161)

Legal Developments in the District of Columbia

Katherine S. Broderick (p. 175)


Recent Developments in Family Law in the District of Columbia June 2004-June 2005
Matthew I. Fraidin (p. 183)

The Employments Law Year in Review June 2004-June 2005
Judith M. Conti (p. 207)

Developments in Landlord-Tenant Law: June 2004-June 2005
Barbara McDowell (p. 235)

Developments in Landlord-Tenant Law: 2005-2006
Barbara McDowell (p. 249)