UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 11, Number 1 (Winter 2008)

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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Charles G. Jeane (p. 1)

District of Columbia Democracy and the Third Branch of Government

John W. Nields & Timothy J. May (p. 5)


Legal and Constitutional Foundations for the District of Columbia Judicial Branch
Steven M. Schneebaum (p. 13)

Who Should Appoint Judges of the D.C. Courts?
Charles A. Miller (p. 25)

Should the District of Columbia Have Responsibility for the Prosecution of Criminal Offenses Arising under the District of Columbia Code?
John Payton (p. 35)

Organization, Budgeting, and Funding of the District of Columbia’s Local Courts
Peter R. Kolker (p. 43)


Keynote Speaker Address
Eleanor Holmes Norton (p. 55)

A Thirty-Year Retrospective
Gregory E. Mize (p. 61)

District of Columbia’s Judicial Selection Process: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Patricia M. Worthy (p. 63)

Comments on Who Appoints D.C. Judges
Daniel A. Rezneck (p. 69)

Democracy Abroad


Pride, Prejudice, and Japan’s Unified State
Suzanne M. Sable (p. 71)