UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 5, Number 1 (Fall 2000)

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Transforming the Legal Services Paradigm

Katherine S. Broderick (p. 1)


Legal Needs for the Low-Income Population in Washington, DC
Lynn E. Cunningham (p. 21)

Mapping A Labyrinth to Justice: Lessons and Insights from Innovative Legal Services Delivery Methodologies Implemented in the District of Columbia
Jan A. May (p. 79)

Co-Producing Justice: The New Imperative
Edgar S. Cahn (p. 105)

Legal Services Attorneys as Partners in Community Economic Development: Creating Wealth for Poor Communities through Cooperative Economics
Laurie A. Morin (p. 125)

Small Claims Reform: A Means of Expanding Access to the American Civil Justice System
James C. Turner & Joyce A. McGee (p. 177)


Independent Paralegals Can Fill the Gap in Unmet Legal Services for the Low-Income Community
Thais E. Mootz (p. 189)

Unmet Legal Needs of DC Immigrants: How Substantive and Procedural Changes in the Laws Restrict Liberty and Deny Access to Justice
Regina Morris (p. 205)


Technology and Client Community Access to Legal Services–Sugestive Scenarios on Community Legal Education, Intake, and Referral and Pro Se
Michael Genz (p. 225)

Technology Assisted Advocacy
Julia R. Gordon (p. 235)

Technologically Enabled Legal Services Delivery System from the Perspective of Senior Management
John A. Tull (p. 247)


DC Consortium of Legal Service Providers: Legal Services 2000 Symposium, April 30, 1999
Peter Edelman, Zona Hostetler & Ada Shen-Jaffe (p. 257)