UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 6, Number 1 (Fall 2001)

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Reshaping Advocacy in the New Millennium

Dimone G. Long (p. 1)

A Tribute to Professor Dave Niblack
(p. 5)

In Memory of Michael C. Morgan, II
(p. 7)


When Lawyers Break the Law: How the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Disciplines Members of the Bar Who Commit Crimes
Larry Cunningham (p. 9)


Capital Punishment: 21st Century Lynching
Serena L. Hargrove (p. 33)

Mandatory Minimum Sentences Coupled with Multi-Facet Interventions: An Effective Response to Domestic Violence
Angela M. Killian (p. 51)

The Role of Discrimination and Drug Policy in Excessive Incarceration in the United States
Steven J. Boretos (p. 73)

Rethinking the Discharge of Pre-Petition Attorney Fees in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Debtor Oriented Perspective
James L. Neher (p. 91)


Black Plaintiffs and Class Action Employment Discrimination Lawsuits in Corporate America
Michael Green (p. 105)