UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 7, Number 1 (Spring 2003)

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Civil Rights in the 21st Century

Jude C. Iweanoge (p. vii)


Millennium Showdown for Public Interest Law and Non-White Access to Public Higher Education: Wolves Circling at the Henhouse Door
Stephanie Y. Brown (p. 1)


Untying the Hands of D.C.: Ways to Avoid Constitutional Conflicts While Addressing Solid Waste Disposal
Janell De Gennaro (p. 47)

A Representative Democracy: An Unfulfilled Ideal for Citizens of the District of Columbia
Aaron E. Price, Sr. (p. 77)

Louisa Van Wezel Schwartz Symposium:
Mental Health Issues in Correctional Institutions

Symposium Introduction
H. Russell Cort & Arlene L. Robinson (p. 111)


Correctional Mental Health Law & Policy: A Primer
Fred Cohen (p. 117)

Criminalization of People with Mental Illnesses: The Role of Mental Health Courts in System Reform
Robert Bernstein & Tammy Seltzer (p. 143)

Monitoring the Quality and Utilization of Mental Health Services in Correctional Facilities
Clarence J. Sundram (p. 163)

Protecting Parolees under the ADA and Rehab Act
Giovanna Shay (p. 181)

Litigation Landmines: Obtaining Attorneys Fees in Conditions of Confinement Litigation After Bloomberg v. Christina A.
Mark Soler (p. 191)

Mental Health and Incarceration: What a Bad Combination
Olinda Moyd (p. 201)

Suicide in Jails and Prisons: What the Numbers Tell Us
Karen L. Cropsey (p. 213)


Edited Proceedings
Mental Health in Prisons Group

Comments of Mr. Paul Quander, Director, Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia
Paul Quander (p. 219)

Comments of Dr. Andrea Weisman, Senior analyst and special projects director for the Department of Mental Health in Washington, D.C.
Andrea Weisman (p. 224)

Comments of Prof. Brenda Smith, Associate Professor at Washington College of Law at American University
Brenda Smith (p. 232)

Comments of Dr. Raymond Patterson, General and Forensic Psychiatrist in the District of Columbia
Raymond Patterson (p. 239)

Comments of Ms. Susan Rosenberg
Susan Rosenberg (p. 247)