UDC/DCSL L. Rev. Volume 8, Number 1 (Fall 2004)

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Henry P. Gassner (p. iii)

In the Aftermath of September 11: Defending Civil Liberties in the Nation’s Capital

The Treatment of Demonstrators

The Policing of Demonstrations in the Nation’s Capital: Legislative and Judicial Corrections of a Police Department’s Misconception of Mission and Failure of Leadership
Ralph Temple (p. 3)

Demonstrations, Security Zones, and First Amendment Protection of Special Places
Mary M. Cheh (p. 53)

Presentation by Councilmember Kathy Patterson
Kathy Patterson (p. 77)

The Treatment of Immigrants

The Chimera and the COP: Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law
Michael M. Hethmon (p. 83)

How Racial Profiling and Other Unnecessary Post-9/11 Anti-Immigrant Measures Have Exacerbated Long-Standing Discrimination against Latino Citizens and Immigrants
Katherine Culliton (p. 141)

Remarks of Denyse Sabagh
Denyse Sabagh (p. 149)

Other Issues

Job Security and Bargaining Rights of Federal Government Employees
Mark D. Roth, Gony Frieder and Anne Wagner (p. 153)

Balancing Security and Access in the Nation’s Capital: Managing Federal Security-Related Street Closures and Traffic Restrictions in the District of Columbia
DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice (p. 181)

Excepted Remarks of Nadine Strossen
Nadine Strossen (p. 209)

Understanding Lawyer’s Ethics: Zealous Advocacy in a Time of Uncertainty

Colloquium Introduction
Katherine S. Broderick (p. 219)

The “Corporate Watch Dogs” That Can’t Bark: How the New ABA Ethical Rules Protect Corporate Fraud
Monroe H. Freedman (p. 225)

Broken Trust and Divided Loyalties: The Paradox of Confidentiality in Corporate Representation
Laurie A. Morin (p. 233)

Telling Stories and Keeping Secrets
Abbe Smith (p. 255)

An Ethos of Lying
Paul Butler (p. 269)

Wrongful Convictions: It is Time to Take Prosecution Discipline Seriously
Ellen Yaroshefsky (p. 275)

Historical Links: The Remarkable Legacy and Legal Journey of the Honorable Julia Cooper Mack
Inez Smith Reid (p. 303)