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Current Editorial Board

2015-2016 Editorial Board:

Natasha Bennett, Editor-in-Chief
Troy Knight, Managing Editor
Liz Rekowski, Publications Editor
Ryan Blankenship, Articles Editor
Matthew Kaplan, Symposium Editor
Melanie Jones, Notes Editor
Kenrick Roberts, Communications Editor

2015-2016 Board
Pictured from left to right: Articles Editor Ryan Blankenship; Publications Editor Liz Rekowski; Notes Editor Melanie Jones; Editor-in-Chief Natasha Bennett; Communications Editor Kenrick Roberts; Symposium Editor Matthew Kaplan; Managing Editor Troy Knight


2014-2015 Editorial Board:

2014-2015 Board
L to R: Managing Editor Issa Al-Aweel, Articles Editor Herson Merino, Editor-in-Chief Christina Modi, Publications Editor Laura LaPrade, and Symposium Editor Sally Tyler.


2013-2014 Editorial Board:

    • Julia Rupert, Editor-in-Chief
    • Sean Brown, Publications Editor
    • Jamila Shand, Publications Editor
    • Johan Fatemi, Managing Editor
    • Carolyn Singh, Article Editor
    • Madeline McKeller, Notes Editor
    • John Kinney, Symposium Editor
    • Harrison Magy, Section Editor- Developments in D.C. Law
    • Amanda Utterback, Section Editor- Online Content
    • Peter Offen, Communications Editor

2012-2013 Editorial Board:

      • Robert Green, Editor-in-Chief
      • Megan Taylor, Publications Editor
      • Kristen Walker, Publications Editor
      • Andrew Bray, Managing Editor
      • Stacey Massaro, Article Editor
      • Candice Tucker, Notes Editor
      • Megan, Challender, Symposium Editor
      • Eva Seidelman, Student Journal Editor
      • Joshua Bailes, Communications Editor

2011-2012 Editorial Board:

    • Joyce Roldan, Editor-in-Chief
    • Matthew Bass, Publications Editor
    • Kristen Weidus, Articles Editor
    • Parisa Dada, Managing Editor
    • Amanda Penrod, Notes Editor
    • Tracy Jackson, Symposium Editor
    • Leandra Carrasco, Student Publications & Bibliography Editor
    • Geno Donney, Communications Editor