UDC Student Law Journal

Introduced by the 2010-2011 UDC Law Review Editorial Board, the UDC Student Law Journal showcases the work of UDC-DCSL students. Students at UDC-DCSL write seminar papers for many of their elective courses throughout their tenure at UDC-DCSL.  In an effort to publish UDC-DCSL’s students work, the UDC Law Review reached out to the professors of all of these elective courses and established a partnership that would allow the UDC Law Review to publish the work of some of the professors’ best students. In 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, professors nominated their top students’ paper to be submitted to the UDC Law Review for online publication in the UDC Student Law Journal and for presentation at a UDC Student Law Symposium.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 4-6pm, Room 505

Kristen Walker – Eyewitness Identification in Colorado

Amanda Aubrey – Parental Rights of Non-Biological Same-Sex Partners

Rachel Lawrence – Resale Restrictions in Violation of the Fair Housing Act

Emily Citkowski – Why Wal-Mart Will Not End D.C.’s Food Deserts

Not Shown:

Elisabeth Fernandez-Kimmel – Criminalization of Sex Work in D.C.

John Benjamin – Citizens United v. FEC and Election Corruption

Jamie Stevens – Why D.C. Needs Reverse Waiver

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