2010-2011 UDC Student Law Journal

The first UDC Student Law Journal featured articles on five subjects: International Human Rights Law, Immigration Law, Race and the Law, Reproductive Justice, and Death Penalty Law.

1. Reproductive Justice
Seeking Reproductive Justice: Written Practice Agreements and [the lack of] Home Birth Choice
-Leandra Carrasco

2. Immigration Law
“Particular Social Group” Classification: A Case For Mexican Drug-Violence Asylees
-Leticia A. Corona

3. International Human Rights Law 
Non-Intervention, Regional Stability and the ASEAN Court of Human Rights
-Ben Petok

4. Death Penalty Law
Combating the “CSI Effect”: An Analysis of Forensic Science in North Carolina 
-George C. Kourtsounis

5. Race and the Law
Racial Implications of an Expanding DNA Database
-Brec Cooke